Types Of Accountants


Accountants from Melbourne are professionals who are assigned a job to keep and examine the financial records with proficiency and accuracy. An accountant designs and maintains the accounts that are required to keep record of various transactions relating to trade, business as well as finance. Moreover, they are required to come up with annual reports and financial statements for the sake of planning. 

Kinds of Accountant

Different types of accountant are as follows:

  • Auditor

An auditor or an accountant specialist carefully examines financial records and reports in order to corroborate validity and accuracy in the public accounts. They also look after legal and on time payment of the taxes. Auditors are mostly in charge of inspecting the financial records of big companies and federal and local governments. They also work for individual clients by reviewing their financial statements and reporting the validity of those statements to the concerned authorities.

  • Forensic Accountant

A forensic accountant, also known as forensic auditor or forensic investigator, provides assistance in legal matters such as fraud, embezzlement, and different other criminal conducts by rendering his accounting, prosecuting, investigating, and auditing expertise to the courts. A forensic accountant is kind of a criminal investigator in financial sphere.

  • Public Accountant

 Public accountants mostly offer their services to big public accounting firms. They also have the liberty to have their own private practice where they cater to individual clients. A public accountant’s job is to perform audits, review taxes, and conduct financial planning. Rendering financial advice regarding benefits and compensation is also a part of their job. Public accountants are supposed to go through Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination after which they are officially given the title of a Certified Public Accountant.

  • Tax Accountant

Tax accountants are in charge of reviewing financial and tax statements of the clients as well as big companies. Their work includes examining tax issues and identifying tax savings. The U.S. Department of Treasury has given the authority to tax professionals to bring forth all taxpayers before Internal Revenue Service’s administrative level for the purpose of auditing and collection of tax.

  • Financial Advisor

As the name shows, the job of a financial advisor is to give suggestions, investment advices, and provide a financial plan to companies. Public financial advisors also serve personal clients and guide them on whether to invest in certain places or not. Moreover, they also provide assistance in estate planning, college saving accounts, and insurance. Their sole aim is to ameliorate the financial status of their clients.

  • Consultants

An accounting consultant is supposed to be an expert on exhorting businesses on financials decision. Their main job is to examining financial data, creating financial reports, to evaluate and inspect financial statements as well as preparing financial reports for different legal authorities and the management section of any organization.